Tools for Matlab/Simulink:

  • Auto Layout Tool - Automatically clean up and improve model layout in manual or auto generated Simulink models. Developed by Bennett MacKenzie, Steven Postma and Jeff Ong.
  • Data Store Rescope Tool (previously Data Store Pushdown) - Automatically rescope Data Stores to help meet JMAAB guidelines and to improve model structure and modularity. Developed by Bennett MacKenzie, Steven Postma, Jeff Ong and Monika Jaskolka.
  • Line - Goto/From Tool - Quickly converts signal lines to Goto/From connections, and vice versa. Developed by Monika Jaskolka and Bennett MacKenzie.
  • Reach/Coreach Tool - Trace and highlight data dependencies forward (reach) and backwards (coreach) as well as slice models while taking into account implicit data and control flow. Developed by Bennett MacKenzie, Steven Postma, Jeff Ong and Monika Jaskolka.
  • Signature Tool - MathWorks Pick of the Week - Detect and document a subsystem's interface, including implicit data flow involving data stores and goto/from blocks. Automatically generate documentation of inputs/outputs and updates. Developed by Bennett MacKenzie, Gordon Marks, Jeff Ong, Alexandre Korobkine, Steven Postma and Monika Jaskolka.
  • Simulink Design Documenter - A guided, semi-automated process for creating Software Design Description documents from Simulink systems. Developed by Gordon Marks, Alexander Shaap, Gehan Selim, Lucian Pactas and Monika Jaskolka.
  • Tabular Expression Toolbox Create tabular expressions in Matlab/Simulink, integrating checking with PVS and CVC3. Developed by Colin Eles. More information on this tool is available here.