McSCert is a world leader in development and evaluation of safety-critical embedded software systems. McScert partners with a broad range of clients from industries where software failure can be disastrous, including medical device, financial, automotive and nuclear power sectors. This cross-industry experience provides us with a unique perspective and advantage.

Our industrial and regulatory agency partners seek our expertise for a variety of reasons:

• to conduct work beyond their own capabilities

• to obtain an independent, impartial and objective assessment

• to learn the latest techniques for the development and verification of certifiable systems

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McSCert services include:


  • - software development strategy
  • - certification strategy
  • - technology assessment
  • - due diligence

Contract research and development

  • - software development process improvement
  • - requirement specification
  • - assurance case template development
  • - incremental assurance
  • - component qualification
  • - verification and validation

Contract software certification

  • - software certification strategy
  • - regulatory approval


  • - safety-critical software-intensive system development, customized for relevant partner needs and regulatory environment
  • - development of university curricula