Employing in-depth knowledge of, for example, requirements specification, incremental assurance, component qualification, verification and validation, and the development of assurance case templates, McSCert’s research team is creating methodologies and tools that will:

• revolutionize the process of certifying critical software applications and

• facilitate the development and certification of critical software applications that comply with these new certification standards

Software Certification Consortium

The Software Certification Consortium (SCC) is an international forum for research on certification of software-intensive systems, bringing together top researchers and practitioners from regulatory agencies, industry and academia in a way that is unique in the field. In addition to identifying and discussing research needs related to certification of software-containing systems, consortium members promote understanding of the concept of software certification and the acceptance of the need for certification standards for software-related products. McSCert researchers co-founded the SCC, are on the steering committee, and have organized all the meetings to date.