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Diskin, Zinovy; Maibaum, Tom; Wassyng, Alan; Wynn-Williams, Stephen; Lawford, Mark

Assurance via model transformations and their hierarchical refinement Proceedings Article

In: Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Models Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, MODELS 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark, October 14-19, 2018, pp. 426 - 436, ACM, 2018.

Links | BibTeX | Tags: assurance case, block diagram, decomposition, model transformation, safety assurance, substitution

Fung, Nick L S; Kokaly, Sahar; Sandro, Alessio Di; Salay, Rick; Chechik, Marsha

MMINT-A: A Tool for Automated Change Impact Assessment on Assurance Cases Proceedings Article

In: Skavhaug A. Gallina B., Schoitsch E. (Ed.): Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security. SAFECOMP 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, Cham, 2018, ISBN: 978-3-319-99229-7.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: assessment algorithm, assurance case, automotive domain, change impact assessment, critical domains, graphical assurance case editor, MMINT-A Tool, model-driven development, power sliding door, tool support


Chowdhury, Thomas; Lin, Chung-Wei; Kim, BaekGyu; Lawford, Mark; Shiraishi, Shinichi; Wassyng, Alan

Principles for Systematic Development of an Assurance Case Template from ISO 26262 Proceedings

IEEE, no. 69-72, 2017.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: assurance case, assurance case template, critical properties, critical systems, functional safety standard, ISO 26262, safe & trustworthy systems, safety cases, semi-automated template development, software-intensive systems, standardized assurance structures safety assessment


Cassano, Valentin; Maibaum, Thomas S. E.

A Reassessment of Toulmin’s Argument Scheme in the Context of Assurance Cases Conference

Verification and Assurance (VeriSure’15). Workshop held together with Computer-Aided Verification (CAV’15). San Francisco, USA, 2015.

BibTeX | Tags: assurance case, Toulmin's argument scheme