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Bender, Marc; Laurin, Karen; Lawford, Mark; Pantelic, Vera; Korobkine, Alexandre; Ong, Jeff; Mackenzie, Bennett; Bialy, Monika; Postma, Steven

Signature required: Making Simulink data flow and interfaces explicit Journal Article

In: Science of Computer Programming, vol. 113, no. Part 1, pp. 29–50, 2015.

BibTeX | Tags: data flow, interfaces, model transformation, Simulink, software engineering


Leduc, Ryan J; Dai, Pengcheng; Song, Raoguang

SQRL Report No. 46 “Synthesis Method for Hierarchical Interface-Based Supervisory Control.” Technical Report


Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: automata, discrete-event systems, formal methods, hierarchical systems, interfaces, supervisory control, synthesis