Mark Lawford


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Mark Lawford also worked on the Darlington shutdown system, and has a particular interest in the formal development of embedded systems. He is currently leading the “pacemaker challenge” for the correct development of software for heart pacemakers.

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Tom Maibaum

Dr. Tom Maibaum, Canada Research Chair in Foundations of Software Engineering, is a world-leading researcher in software engineering, with extensive experience in formal specification, formal methods, component-based development, and model-driven development.

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Alan Wassyng

+1 (905) 525-9140 x26072

With 45 years’ experience in both industry and academia, Dr. Wassyng is a sought-after speaker, consultant and thought leader in the certification of software-intensive systems, rigorous approaches to the development of safety-critical software and the use of assurance case templates. He is an expert on functional safety and hazard analysis of safety-critical systems. He was a co-founder of McSCert and was its inaugural Director. He was also a co-founder of the Software Certification Consortium, and has been the chair of the steering committee since its inception.

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