Richard Paige


Dr. Paige’s expertise is in Model-Based Systems and Software Engineering and technology transfer, with a particular focus on safety-critical systems and large-scale software deployment. He has published extensively on these and related topics, and is involved with a number of open-source projects on Model-Driven Engineering. He is on the editorial board for Springer’s Software and Systems Modeling, Springer’s Empirical Software Engineering, and the platinum open-access JOT Journal. He is the current Director of McSCert.

Alan Wassyng


With 45 years’ experience in both industry and academia, Dr. Wassyng is a sought-after speaker, consultant and thought leader in the certification of software-intensive systems, rigorous approaches to the development of safety-critical software and the use of assurance case templates. He is an expert on functional safety and hazard analysis of safety-critical systems. He was a co-founder of McSCert and was its inaugural Director. He was also a co-founder of the Software Certification Consortium, and has been the chair of the steering committee since its inception.

Office:1-905-525-9140 x 26072

Mark Lawford


Dr. Lawford’s expertise includes automotive software development, functional safety, software certification, application of formal methods to critical real-time systems and tool-supported safety-critical software engineering. His group has developed methods and tools to support software engineering methods in Matlab/Simulink. He is the software and functional safety advisor for the McMaster Engineering EcoCAR 3 team. He was a co-founder and a former Director of McSCert.

Office:1-905-525-9140 x 23362

Tom Maibaum

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Tom Maibaum is a world-leading researcher in software engineering, with extensive experience in formal specification, formal methods, component-based development, and model-driven development. He held the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Foundations of Software Engineering.

Zinoviy Diskin

Senior Research Scientist, Adjunct Professor

Zinovy Diskin has 25+ years of experience in building mathematical models for artifacts, languages and processes in software engineering, databases and business including automotive, e-commerce and banking in Canada, US, and Latvia. Amongst his and coauthors most known and practically applicable models are Delta Lenses for specifying model synchronization via change propagation, DP-Graphs for diagrammatic specification of constraints and queries in data and behaviour modelling, WorkflowPlus modelling for safety assurance, and a categorical semantics for relational domain modelling and its implementation in the language Clafer. He has published extensively on category theory foundations for MDE and model management, and mathematics of model consistency, synchronization and transformation. He is a corecipient of the 10-year most influential paper award from J. of Software and System Modeling (2018). He holds Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Research from Bryansk State Technical University (Russia), PhD in Mathematics from Omsk State University (Russia), and Dr. Math from the University of Latvia.

Vera Pantelic

Senior Principal Research Engineer

Dr. Vera Pantelic’s main research interests include development and certification of safety-critical software systems and model-based development.  She brings extensive experience in tool-supported model-based design of automotive software to this project, as well as knowledge of ISO 26262 compliance.

Vera is a reviewer for a number of journals, including: IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, and International journal of Control and conferences, including the International Conference on Application of Concurrency to System Design (ACSD), and the International conference on Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development (MODELSWARD).

Jacques Carette


Computer Scientist, educated as a mathematician, worked as a software engineer in industry for 11 years. Currently working on generative programming, formalized mathematics, approaches to (very) long term software engineering, and programming language theory.