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Certification of Safety-Critical Software-Intensive Systems

First Public Workshop


"Progress on the Certification of Critical Software-Intensive Systems"


Hilton Suites, Toronto/Markham Conference Center and Spa

11 November 2011


The first public workshop of the Ontario Research Fund project Certification of Safety-Critical Software-Intensive Systems was held at the Hilton Suites Conferecne Center and Spa in Markham, near Toronto, on 11 November 2011.  It was attended by 30 people.  As well as presentations by project memebers there invited talks from Sushil Birla (US Nuclear Regulatory Commission), Paul Jones (US Food and Drug Administration), and David Parnas (Middle Road Software).

The programme is listed below, together with links to the presentations.

The workshop was also available remotely via WebEx, which means that recordings were made of each talk.  These are available via the "Video" links below.  The format is .wmv, which is played natively by Windows Media Player.  On other platforms (or on Windows) the open source VLC player from VideoLAN is highly recommended.


09:00    Tom Maibaum  (McMaster University):   Welcome and project overview Slides Video

09:30    Sushil Birla (US Nuclear Regulatory Commission):   Some technological infrastructure we need to support third party certification Slides Video

10:45    David Tremaine (Systemware Innovation Corporation):  Experiences with third party qualification of critical software Slides Video

11:30    Paul Jones (US Food and Drug Administration):   Assurance cases in the medical device industry Slides Video

13:00    David Parnas (Middle Road Software):  Getting Serious about Software Certification: On Education and Licensing of Software Professionals Slides Video

13:45    Alan Wassyng (McMaster University):   Modeling and certification of infusion pumps Slides Video

14:15    Marc Bender (McMaster University):   A framework for software certification Slides Video

14:45    Sebastian Fischmeister (University of Waterloo):   Information extraction from real-time applications at run time Slides Video

15:45    Mark Lawford (McMaster University):  Certifying FPGAs for nuclear power plants Slides Video

16:15    Vera Pantelic (McMaster University):  Analysis of critical scientific software Slides Video

16:45    Chris George (McMaster University):  Reducing the risk of change in enterprise systems Slides No video available - recording stopped prematurely.

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