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Alan Wassyng photo
Alan Wassyng is Director of the Centre. He combines wide engineering experience, including working on the Darlington nuclear power station shutdown system, with his academic interest in using formal techniques to prove that software meets its requirements.
Tom Maibaum photo
Tom Maibaum, Canada Research Chair in Foundations of Software Engineering, is a world-leading researcher in software engineering, with extensive experience in formal specification, formal methods, component-based development, and model-driven development.
Mark Lawford photo
Mark Lawford also worked on the Darlington shutdown system, and has a particular interest in the formal development of embedded systems. He is currently leading the “pacemaker challenge” for the correct development of software for heart pacemakers.
Christopher Anand photo
Christopher Anand developed safety-critical Magnetic Resonance Imaging Software at Picker Medical Systems. The weaknesses in conventional software development he observed there motivates his current goal of developing tools which not only make the application of rigorous verification within reach of practitioners, but make it cost-effective to use them on a daily basis and for software with the most challenging performance requirements.


In addition to these people, the Centre currently has a complement of over twenty researchers at McMaster, in a variety of engineering disciplines, mainly software engineering.

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