Automated Safety Systems Engineering for Focused Ultrasound Medical Devices

McSCert is working with Arrayus Technologies, a medical technology company developing a best-in-class focused ultrasound platform, on the development of novel methods and tools for synergistically automating software engineering and assurance tasks within a single engineering process.


Focused ultrasound is a revolutionary non-invasive surgical approach that uses ultrasound energy to precisely destroy tissue deep in the body without incisions or damage to surrounding tissues. It can be used to treat a broad range of medical conditions and has the potential to offer faster recovery, decreased side effects and reduced cost-of-care compared to traditional surgical methods. Focused ultrasound medical devices are complex and software intensive; moreover, they are safety critical, and significant steps must be taken to ensure their reliability, robustness and safety.

Objective and Outcomes

This project aims to develop new software and safety engineering techniques to both improve the productivity of software developers of focused ultrasound medical devices and help ensure that the ultimate product is safe and can be certified as such in compliance with relevant medical standards. By addressing the technical challenges and very significant costs of certification, this project will yield techniques that will not only enable substantial improvements in the safety of software-intensive medical devices, but will also benefit the Canadian medical device industry, and small-to-medium sized companies, for whom the cost of certification is a tremendous financial burden and risk.