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Line-Goto/From Tool - MathWorks Pick of the Week - Quickly converts signal lines to Goto/From connections, and vice versa.


Signature Tool - MathWorks Pick of the Week - Detect and document a subsystem's interface, including implicit data flow involving data stores and goto/from blocks. Automatically generate documentation of inputs/outputs and updates.


McMaster Centre for Software Certification

The McMaster Centre for Software Certification (McSCert) develops tools and methods to create certifiably safe, secure and dependable software. This work is urgently needed for software-intensive mission-critical systems where software failure can have devastating physical, financial or political consequences.

Software is used to control medical devices, automobiles, aircraft, manufacturing plants, nuclear generating stations, space exploration systems, elevators, electric motors, trains, banking transactions, telecommunications devices and a growing number of devices in industry and in our homes.

Software developed for critical systems must meet minimum safety, privacy, security and reliability standards, especially as these systems are becoming more interdependent and complex. Manufacturers of these systems need consistent, clear and effective guidelines as to what may be regarded as acceptable standards in these situations.

McSCert can help.

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